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Baragatan Festival 2022: An experience of Palawenos rich culture

Get to know what keeps people coming back to Palawan and how to fly safely and conveniently.



Every year, in the two weeks preceding Palawan’s Foundation Day, every municipality in the archipelago congregates in the capital to exhibit the best parts of their regions. 

The ideal season to visit Palawan, a popular tourist destination, appears to be summer when its beaches and Underground River (Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park) exhibit their most colorful hues. You may not be aware, though, that there is a second ideal season to travel to Palawan, especially Puerto Princesa.

Baragatan Festival is a celebration of culture and art

A visit to Baragatan is similar to having a meet-and-greet with all the fascinating people and locations in Palawan. The locals will bring it to you, so you don’t have to physically travel to each location to experience it; perhaps what you see will persuade you to stay longer. Perhaps meeting and hearing the tales of inhabitants from isolated regions like Kalayaan, the contentious group of islands that China also claims, is sufficient. 

Credit: TTRW

We were recently invited by the provincial government of Palawan to go to the city and attend the Baragatan Festival.

After a more than two-year pause caused by the pandemic, we are now experiencing some of the glory days of travel. This year’s Saraotan sa Dalan 2022 celebration of the rich tradition and culture of the Palaweos drew both tourists and residents to Mendoza Park.

Saraotan sa Dalan is an annual street dancing competition that showcases the unique traditions of 7 municipalities from different areas of the province of Palawan: Kalayaan, San Vicente, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Brooke’s Point, El Nido, Magsaysay, and Quezon. Starting at Mendoza Park and moving along Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City’s major thoroughfare, the street dance procession makes its way through the city before arriving at the Provincial Capitol Compound for the showdown event.

The Saraotan sa Dalan delegations this year used to dance and vibrant costumes to highlight the stories and rich traditions of their community. The costumes and accessories worn by the performers are vibrant. Drums beating loudly flood the streets with a jovial and joyful atmosphere. As they parade through the streets of the town, the entertainers dance enthusiastically.

The festival, which began on June 10, promises a spectacular celebration with the theme “Baragatan sa bagong Palawan ngayon-moderno, progresibo at kilala sa buong mundo: Legasiya ng tapat, mahusay at epektibong paglilingkod sa mga Palaweo ng administration ni Gov. Jose Ch. Alvarez.”

Here’s a sneak preview of the celebrations this year!

With Air Asia, travel is secure and practical

As the bulk of tourist destinations have now started to relax travel restrictions, an increasing number of people are traveling to make up for lost vacation time caused by the outbreak. Choosing an airline is challenging right now because there are so many different promotions available.

baragatan festival

But in our case, we chose AirAsia. You won’t have to worry about shelling out a lot of money for your flight, thanks to their incredibly low prices, and you can use the extra cash to do and buy the things you want to do and see while traveling.

Keep an eye out for a separate feature when we will talk more about our enjoyable flight experience with AirAsia.

Thank you so much to the provincial government of Puerto Princesa for letting us explore Baragatan Festival and AirAsia for giving us such a wonderful flying experience!

You can download the airAsia Super App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to book flights and find the greatest bargains. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook to receive updates. You’ll constantly be informed about their promotions if you do this!

Filipinos can now travel more and buy more affordably thanks to the airAsia Super App.

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AirAsia Super App supports the return of historic Bohol Sandugo Festival

The return of Sandugo signals that we are on the right track to recovery and Boholanos.



In a strong bid to promote tourism and culture, airasia Super App and AirAsia Philippines today co-organized the airasia Fiesta Concert and Bohol Sandugo night market, packed with exciting activities, programs, and promos for Boholanos.

After two years of putting celebrations and some traditions on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local government of Bohol brings back its face-to-face Sandugo Festival on the streets. 

Although street dancing has been postponed for this year, other exciting tourism activities such as the tourism expo, quiz bee, Miss Bohol 2022, and jobs fair pushed through.

To celebrate Sandugo Festival, airasia Super App Philippines is giving away huge discounts on hotel and flight bookings for as low as 1,200 pesos from Manila to Tagbilaran. airasia Super App users can also enjoy up to a 20% discount on Travelmall purchases using the promo code TMSUPER20. Apart from discounts, airasia Super App is raffling off free accommodations to Solea Coast, Bohol Shores, Twin Tides, and Ocean Suites to Sandugo participants.

Ray Berja, Managing Director of airasia Super App Philippines said: “Sandugo holds so much significance to all of our Boholano friends and family here, but this year makes it more meaningful as we return to the streets and regain the merriment of celebrating face to face. The return of Sandugo signals that we are on the right track to recovery and Boholanos can be assured of airasia Super App’s continued support in stirring travel demand as we also provide opportunities for micro small medium enterprises in the province.

Bohol sandugo

airasia Super App treated Boholanos to the Night Market at the Old Tagbilaran Airport featuring the best finds and delicacies. Aside from this, airasia Super App users were entertained by one of the best Filipino OPM bands, Spongecola, local performances, Allstars, and DJs at the airasia Fiesta concert.

Watch out for more exciting promotions as other lines of business under the airasia Super App such as food delivery, ride-hailing, and more roll out in the months to come.

Download the airasia Super App via Apple App Store or Google Play Store now.

For updates, follow the on Facebook and Instagram.

With airasia Super App, Filipinos can now travel and shop more, for less.

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Go Hotels will make your travel to Puerto Princesa hassle-free

It’s a go-to hotel in the heart of Palawan.



It can be expensive to travel. If you’ve been putting money aside for a trip for some time, you probably want your money to go as far as possible so you may have the trip of a lifetime.

The capital of Palawan, which many well-known travel and news publications have named one of the world’s most beautiful islands, is the city of Puerto Princesa. Additionally, the city has received accolades for being the “cleanest and greenest city” and being an environmental leader globally.

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is well-known as a gateway to Palawan Island, particularly to well-known destinations like El Nido and more minor well-known destinations like San Vicente and Balabac. Puerto Princesa is also known for its beautiful natural attractions like the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

For the Palawan Baragatan Festival 2022, we recently traveled to Puerto Princesa in Palawan and stayed at Go Hotels Puerto Princesa. The hotel provides reasonably priced lodging without sacrificing the standard of service or the visitors’ comfort.

In the center of Puerto Princesa City is where you’ll find Go Hotels Puerto Princesa. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is 70.6km (two hours trip) and the airport is only 2.9km (a 15-minute drive) from the hotel. The Robinsons Place Palawan Mall is close to the hotel if you need to make any purchases or catch a movie.

The hotel is close to the pick-up points for many Puerto Princesa, and Palawan tours, such as the Underground River, Honda Bay, City Tour, and Iwahig Firefly Watching.

Each room has a private bathroom with a hot and cold rain shower, a 32-inch LCD TV with cable, 100% cotton sheets with duvet covers, chiropractic pillows of the highest caliber, and non-allergenic blankets, as well as many other amenities.

Nearby landmarks

  • Hill Baker (5.3km)
  • Butterfly Eco-Garden and Tribal Village in Palawan (4.6km)
  • Restaurant on a boat called Hakuna Matata (5.1km)
  • Crocodile Farm and Wildlife Rescue Facility in Palawan (9km)
  • Square Cuartel (4.7km).
  • Cathedral of Puerto Princesa (4.5km)

Close to your food cravings

It’s a necessity to sample their signature dish at Chicken Ka Inato!

If you’re looking for reasonably priced all-you-can-eat Filipino food in Puerto Princesa, Balay Bukid (3.8km) is the place to go.

Relaxing Stay!

The regular queen room at the hotel where we stayed was nice and adequate for a restful stay. This is not a bad thing given that most of us rarely stay in our rooms while traveling. Staying at a budget-friendly hotel is strongly advised, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can secure your belongings in the room’s in-room safe while you are out exploring.

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa

Additionally, a queen-sized bed with 100% cotton linens and duvet covers is included. The bathroom is clean, as is the toilet. Additionally given are toiletries like shampoo, soap, and toilet paper. The towels are fluffy and fragrant!

Go Hotels Puerto Princesa

Overall, Go Hotels Puerto Princesa is undoubtedly one of your finest options if you’re seeking affordable and comfortable lodging in Puerto Princesa. The staff’s assistance and level of service were greatly appreciated.

Also, they offer luggage storage so that visitors can keep their possessions there while they travel or wait for a flight home. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your trip, be sure to ask them for everything you require.

As of this writing, listed room rates start at PHP 1500 per night per room. However, do keep in mind that these rates change according to the dates of your stay, so check their website or download the Robinsons Hotels mobile app to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

You can reach them by phone at (63) 998-840-1637, send them an email at [email protected], or get more information by visiting the Go Hotels Puerto Princesa website.

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Sans the Seafood Lens: Experiencing Capiz Beyond Fish and Crustaceans

AirAsia Philippines dives into what Capiz has to offer as it flies tri-weekly to Roxas City.



Whenever Roxas City in Capiz comes up in a conversation, what immediately ensues is the reverence for seafood and the shared love for Filipino seafood cookery. The richness of its marine produce and strong seafood export industry have earned Roxas City its apt moniker as the country’s Seafood Capital

But just like many other cities in the Philippines, there is so much more to Roxas beyond its label. Roxas City and the entire Capiz province teem with nature and cultural escapes that can take anyone on a much-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the metro. 

A chill day of culture and heritage in the city

Roxas City boasts several attractions that one can enjoy in just an entire day of a tour. The city has an efficient public transportation system with fleets of jeepneys, buses, and tricycles covering various routes across. The locals are hospitable and accommodating of questions from tourists, ready to give much-needed tips and directions going anywhere. 


AirAsia Cabin Crew poses in front of the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral

Among the must-visit attractions of Roxas City is the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral, which is seated at the heart of the provincial capital. The cathedral is among the oldest churches in the country having been built in the 1700s. It got its name from the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception whose intercession is believed to have been the key to the founding of Capiz in 1693. 

A fitting follow-through to a visit to the Roxas City Cathedral is the Sta. Monica Parish in Panay – the house of the third largest bell in the whole of Asia. Installed in the church in 1878, the Panay Bell weighs more than 10 tonnes as it is said to be made from sacks of coins donated by the townsfolk. The bell, which according to lore can be heard across the Capiz province when tolled, is mounted in a 5-story belfry. Tourists can go up to have a good view of Panay and the bell itself. 

Other religious and cultural destinations tourists can visit in Capiz are the Sacred Heart of Jesus Grotto in Roxas City, the Panubli-on Roxas City Museum, and the Manuel Roxas Ancestral House. 

But if one is looking to really escape the city, Capiz has the right attractions to escape to. 

Off of the cables and onto the outdoors

The phone alerts for emails and group chats are what spells a day for modern-day hustlers. With a 9-5 usually ridden with ZOOM calls, meetings, and non-stop presentations and ideation, anyone can easily get burned out. Hence, off of the cables and onto the great outdoors! Reconnecting with nature seems such a perfect antidote to corporate fatigue. 


Tourists can enjoy the park mangroves and river tour

Reconnecting with nature is an item one can tick off at the Palina Greenbelt Ecopark – a conservation area honored as an ASEAN Awardee for Sustainable Rural Cooperative. This eco-park is located in Palina River, Brgy. Cagay, Roxas City and is managed by the members of Palina River Development Association. PRDA is composed of the city’s local fisherfolk. Tourists can go about the eco-park through a river and mangrove tour while enjoying not just the view but also a buffet spread of local produce. 


Tourists in for the calmness of nature must stay at Istorya Forest Garden

If the goal is just to stay in and chill, Istorya Forest Garden is worth the consideration. Sprawling at eight hectares, Istorya has four villas, one main swimming pool, an outdoor bar Botanico, and 23 available rooms. The property, initially intended to be an exclusive vacation resort for the owner’s family, was officially opened to the public in 2019 after receiving clamor from private guests. It offers the serenity of any rainforest sans the need for long-hour hikes and treks. As a forest garden, it features several greenery such as the Badiang Tree. 

Nature really does present a good disconnection opportunity which can be the best recharge one can get. 

Beach, please! 

Nature escapades will of course not be complete without a trip to the beach! And Capiz does not run short of unspoiled beaches that soon enough can be the next Boracay. Topping this list is Basiao Beach in Ivisan – the only white sand beach in the province. 


Basiao Beach is the next Boracay as locals claim, but without the island’s usual crowds and nightlife

Basiao Beach is just as scenic as any other beach but without the huge crowd, loud parties, and busy queues. The beach is 10 kilometers or 30 minutes to an hour away by jeepney, car, or tricycle from the Roxas town proper. But the travel is worth it for anyone who craves the calming sounds of ocean waves, smooth white sand, and chill sea swims – not to mention the entrance price into the resorts which go as low as PHP 20!

Experiencing Seafood and Beyond with AirAsia

Roxas City will always be endeared to the Filipinos and tourists from the world over as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines – and rightfully so for Capiznons have invested immense effort and development to attain and maintain this status. However, Roxas and Capiz offer viable attractions for globetrotters that are on revenge travel. The province’s culture, history, and natural destinations are at par with that of other places in the Philippines, and just as worth the hype. 

This is the reason why AirAsia has officially launched its flights to Roxas City – to help the region boost its main sectors while stirring other potential industries such as tourism. AirAsia flies to Roxas City 3x weekly, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

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Go Hotels will make your travel to Puerto Princesa hassle-free

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